Project Performers Student photographed by Charlie from

Project Performers Headshots in Devon

My sister Polly, runs a theatre school in Brixham, which is in South Devon.  During the summer she also runs three day intensive workshops which always result in a show at the end for all the parents and friends to come along and enjoy.   I usually help out with these workshops because I really enjoy working with the kids and seeing how the show comes together, but also because my girls really really love taking part.

I usually take some photographs of the children whilst we’re there for both Polly to use for advertising her theatre school but also for the parents if they want them.

Here are some photographs of the children who attended the summer school all shot in natural light right next to a window (my girls refused point blank to be photographed by me, what a surprise.)

Project Performers Student photographed by Charlie from (more…)

Chris Thomas

Singer-songwriter Chris Thomas

This is Chris Thomas.
He’s a extremely talented singer-songwriter who lives in Devon, performing in lots and lots of venues around Torbay and beyond.
He’s also my sister’s boyf, so i’m biased.
Chris’ website – Thomas - Singer Songwriter in Devon - photographed by (more…)

Simple Black and White

I always forget how wonderful a simple black and white shot is.

I get caught up in the beauty of colour, because there is so much you can do with colour, you can go from one extreme to the other by making the colours pop with over saturation or you can go to the other extreme of muting all the colours so they look all lovely and vintage-y.

And then i go and rediscover how simple and striking and wonderful black and white is, how elegant and timeless they are, i mean look at her skin how flawless it looks (even though it really wasn’t!)

I shot these yesterday with black and white in mind just cos i could, and i love them.