I’m sorry but i’m not photographing any weddings at the moment.

I know i should probably remove this category from my website, but i actually really love all the weddings i’ve shot and i really like all the brides and grooms i’ve met along the way.
I’m also really proud of these photographs, some were easier than others, sometimes it rained all day and i struggled with finding enough light, sometimes it was baking hot sun and i struggled to find enough shade or even a glass of water!  It is all about the bubbly after-all!
I really love looking back at them, and if they weren’t here on my website, they’d just be sitting on a hard drive and i’d never look at them, so i decided to keep the wedding category here, that way i can look at them whenever i want.

And also i may change my mind and decide to shoot weddings again.

The Blurb
Photographing a wedding is a bit like watching a story develop in front of you. The story of how two people have come together on a very special day with all their friends and family all around them to help them celebrate it.
Weddings are wonderful, I love every one that i’ve attended, obviously it’s mostly about two people who love each other getting hitched, but they are also about fun, laughter & tears and I like to capture those events as they unfold, those stolen glances, nervous giggles and the big kiss at the end.

Weddings of note on the blog: – Charlie is a professional Photographer in Brixham, Devon.
Serving all the surrounding areas eg: Brixham, Paignton, Torquay, Kingswear, Dartmouth, Totnes.