Open Studio – Sat 17th November

I’m thinking of opening up my studio on Sat 17th November for mini shoots.

I thought it might be fun to do some mini shoots where you pay £5 to book a 20 min slot and then you get that £5 back when you order prints or high res printable images afterwards.

And here are some photographs from my mini shoot with my girls, this shoot was probably about 4 minutes in total, they really wouldn’t sit still for any longer, they were desperate to get back to some elaborate game of pirates and ponies.

But then a lot of the time 4 minutes is all i need.

Contact me if you’re interested and i’ll send you a flyer with my ‘reduced rate’ prices for this session.

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Very nice ladies

These four ladies came all the way from Zambia to visit my daughters school.

Our school (and another one in Wincanton) has a link with Mutunda Basic School & Kamuchanga Basic School in Zambia and this year it was their turn to come over to Somerset in England and spend some time with both the children and the grown ups and get to know a bit about us.

They were very nice ladies, in fact they were really lovely ladies, full of spirit and lots of fun.

I enjoyed spending a bit of time with them, we went out on a day trip to Wells, where I had my first visit into the Cathedral (it won’t be my last), and then today they come into my studio and i shot a few portraits of them.

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Simple Black and White

I always forget how wonderful a simple black and white shot is.

I get caught up in the beauty of colour, because there is so much you can do with colour, you can go from one extreme to the other by making the colours pop with over saturation or you can go to the other extreme of muting all the colours so they look all lovely and vintage-y.

And then i go and rediscover how simple and striking and wonderful black and white is, how elegant and timeless they are, i mean look at her skin how flawless it looks (even though it really wasn’t!)

I shot these yesterday with black and white in mind just cos i could, and i love them.

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Your best camera is the one in your pocket / Camping.

I went on holiday last week.

I went camping in East Sussex with a whole lovely bunch of friends, a whole lovely warm and fuzzy bunch of friends that we (husband and I) have known for a very very long time.

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Wot a little smiler

This little girl was such a little smiler, she really was cuter than a button, cos in my opinion buttons aren’t really all that cute, and this little girl was extremely cute, in fact she was cuteness personified.

Ok i think you get my drift.

I photographed her a little while ago but have only just gotten round to sorting the photos for the blog and as i’m going through i’m reminded all over again how cute she was.

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