Baby Beatrice

Beth and Phil came to visit with their four children, three boys and a teeny tiny little girl called Beatrice.
I love babies, have i told you that already?
I especially love other peoples babies cos mine are all big and grown up and can wipe their own bums now so there is no way i’m going back to that.

But i do love it when newborn babies come into the studio and i get to photograph them looking all gorgeous and cute and somebody else has to mop up all the mucky bits.

The rest of the family were just as lovely too.

Here is the whole family.

and them boys were a lot of fun.

This was when Beatrice wasn’t quite snoozy enough, but i sure do love those little toes. My friend Emma made me that little cocoon.

Will you just look at those lips

This little princess is wearing my hand made crowns that i really enjoyed making, back in the day when i had lots of time on my hands i made all sorts of things. IMG_9294_c_WM

Such a cute family.IMG_9331_c_WM

Such cute boys looking after their little sister.

Daddies little girlIMG_9369_b_WM

Beautiful Beth and Beatrice. IMG_9378_b_WM



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