About Me

My name is Charlie and I am a professional Photographer in Somerset. I love taking photographs of just about everything, there really is beauty everywhere if you look for it, but mostly I photograph people.

Charlie from Charlotte PhotographySometimes I take photographs of landscapes too, but trees aren’t really as interesting as people, they don’t run around or scream or pull funny faces, they kind of just stay put.

I really love photographing faces.

People tend to call me Charlie (my dad often calls me Charlotte) and after a media degree at Westminster and a few years working as a Web Producer in London, I decided to do what I really wanted to do and I become a professional photographer.
Back then I regularly worked weekends at Doubletake Studios in Farringdon, London, which was one of the most popular makeover studios in the country.  I loved it there, it was tremendous fun, though obviously hard work, but boy did I learn a lot about photographing women (occasionally men) and i like to think i’m now quite good.

A few years ago we moved to Somerset into our slightly crazy house in Evercreech, and now I specialise in both portraits and weddings in Somerset and beyond.

I mostly shoot outdoors at a location of your choosing using natural light and children generally love this because they can run around and have fun.

If it’s a wedding you’re interested in then please do get in contact to check my availability, I can travel all over the UK and beyond but obviously some travel expenses may apply.

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Charlie x