About Us

Charlotte Photograph is now run by both Charlie & Marc, Charlie mostly takes the photographs and Marc mostly edits them, but sometimes we swap.

If you want to know a little bit about us then read on:

We met at Westminster university, as the bar where all good people meet.

People tend to call me Charlie (my dad often calls me Charlotte) and after a media degree at Westminster and a few years working as a Web Producer in London, I decided to take the plunge and become a professional photographer.

Marc (with a c) is mostly just called Marc, he did a fine art degree at Westminster and has since worked as a art director, graphic designer and a copywriter, and he’s currently writing a book, he’s also very good at photoshop.

In 2009 we (with our two kids) moved out of London to Somerset into a slightly crazy house in Evercreech, where I had a studio which was very handy.

In May 2018 we moved to South Devon and now I only do natural light portraits mostly outdoors up on Berry Head, or a beach or even in your garden, if your garden is big enough.

For family shoots, outdoors is the best option because children generally love run around and have fun, unless they are older and then they just want to sit on their phones (like my kids) and so all you get are photos of the top of their heads!

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Charlie & Marc