Indian Passport Photograph

Passport photographs in Somerset

I am often asked if I can do passport photographs and the answer is yes I can.
I can do passport pictures for any age from newborn babies right up to the older generation.
UK passport photograph - for UK passport which needs to be 35mm x 45mm

For more information on photographs for your passport or visa then please click through to my passport page within this website:

Passport photograph for India - for Indian passport which needs to be 51 x 51mm – Charlie is a professional Photographer in Somerset based in Evercreech but serving all the surrounding areas eg: Wells, Bath, Glastonbury, Street, Bruton, Frome, Shepton Mallet, Castle Cary, Batcombe and Bristol.

Charlie from

Updated my headshot

I have been thinking of having a new headshot done for ages, but i’ve put it off and off and off because the trouble is, i’m not that keen on having my photograph taken.

But I had to take a passport photo for my youngest so I decided that Sunday was the day for photos and  I set up the lights to how I wanted them and after snapping a few shots of Iris, I then took my turn  in front of the camera.

Here is Iris looking angelic, as she often does until she opens her mouth and starts bossing her older sister around.

Passport photo and headshot = (more…)

Local W.I. ladies posing on the cross

W.I. ladies photoshoot

My local Women’s Institute (W.I.) group are creating a kind of  memory book to submit to the national W.I. and they wanted an interesting portrait of all of them to go on the front cover, I’m very pleased that they asked me to do it as it was a lot of fun making a group of ladies giggle.

The first attempt ended up not quite right due to trying to avoid the really harsh sunshine at 7pm! It was ridiculously sunny (and shadowy) at the location they were interested in, so then we scheduled a second shoot and opted for a new location on the cross and in front of the church, which was much nicer.

It was however still ridiculously sunny at 5.30pm.Local W.I. ladies posing on the cross

Local W.I. ladies posing on the cross


Photographed by Charlie from who is based in Somerset, near to Glastonbury, Street, Shepton Mallet Frome & Bruton.

Baby Ella photographed by Charlie from

Baby Ella

Little baby Ella came a visiting last week.
She was just 6 weeks old and although she didn’t do as much smiling as perhaps we might of liked, she was still quite adorable.
She had skin as white as snow, it really was like porcelain so that made editing the photographs afterwards really lovely and easy.

Thank you very much lovely mum Vicky, for letting me put your photographs up on my website.

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The Kids Field

Glastonbury Festival 2013

I worked at Glastonbury Festival this year as a steward.
It was an awful lot of fun and brought back lots of memories of when i went many many moons ago back in my teens.

Here are few photographs from the festival, but a whole lot more are up on my flickr account which is linked over there on the left and below.
Glastonbury Festival Wednesday morning at 7am (more…)

Twin baby boys, photographed by Charlie from

Tricky twin baby boys

I’ve never shot twins before, but i was definitely up for the challenge.
These particular wee twin boys were not so keen on sleeping at the same time, which was a slight problem in that most photographs of newborn babies are done when they are teeny tiny and scrunched up and posed on their tummies with crowns on their head.  (and yes i had made princely type crowns especially for them, which will have to be saved for another baby on another shoot)
But thankfully Vikki (the mum) was keen to get some lovely shots of them together so we tried, and we tried, and we tried, and eventually we managed to get some shot of those two little naughty monkeys who are oh so cute.

On the plus side, I got to cuddle them quite a lot which was a lovely blast from the past seeing as my youngest is now nearly seven.

Twin baby boys, photographed by Charlie from (more…)