Daddies shed

Why not make a collage for daddy on fathers day.

Sometimes it’s not what you photograph but how you put it together. One image can be powerful but a series of images really tells a story.

On June 16th 2013, it’s Father’s Day over here in the UK, which means we are supposed to encourage our children into making something nice and sticky and messy for their daddies.

Daddies day photography collage (more…)

Sprinkle the kitten, photographed by

Sprinkle the little kitten (cat)

I’ve heard it said “never work with children or animals” but I work with both and actually I really love it. I love it because it brings a whole new element of surprise to the equation.  Children and dog and cats are unpredictable, amusing, charming, cute and allow you to discover a level of patience you never knew you had.

I love photographing children they are adorable and when you get those natural smiles then it really makes it all worthwhile, but I also really like photographing dogs.  Dogs are in actual fact (and don’t tell anyone i said this but) they are relatively easy most of the time, they sit and stay and lie down when you ask them to, because their lovely owners have usually trained them to do that, and if they don’t well i just have to try harder don’t I.

But now I have a new favourite, and they are small and fluffy and make lovely noises, they are kittens.

Kittens are so very cute and cuddly and soft and cute and lovely and they make such tiny little mewing noises that you just want to pick them up and cuddle them.

I nearly stole this kitten, but her owner Emily wouldn’t let me.

Sprinkle the kitten, photographed by Sprinkle the kitten, photographed by Sprinkle the kitten, photographed by – Charlie is a professional Photographer in Somerset based in Evercreech but serving all the surrounding areas eg: Wells, Bath, Glastonbury, Street, Bruton, Frome, Shepton Mallet, Castle Cary, Batcombe and Bristol.

Children photoshoots - photographed by Charlie from, a photographer in Somerset

Photographing Babies – Guest Post

5 Tips For Photographing Babies

Photographing babies and young children can be a tricky concept for both parents and professional photographers. Of course, we all want beautiful portraits and photos of our kids, but getting young children to look their best and sit still for photos without becoming restless or cranky can certainly be a tall order. Fortunately, there are various solutions to common issues associated with photographing kids. Whether it’s simply making the room more peaceful to your kids, heading to Marks and Spencer for a few new outfits they won’t mind dressing up in, or figuring out how to keep them entertained, you can take steps that result in perfect baby photos! Here are 5 specific tips to consider.

1. Don’t Act Alone
Trying to photograph your kids on your own is an incredibly difficult task. From positioning your kids, to fixing their hair, to wiping up spit, to keeping them entertained, there’s simply too much to do if you’re also trying to take a picture. And on top of all that, you’ll want to get into the photo yourself! Always have an assistant on hand, whether it’s your spouse, a relative, or a friend, so that you can focus more on taking a great photo.

Photoshoot by
2. Pat Attention To Your Baby’s Schedule
Granted, if you have a baby or young child, your life probably consists of nothing BUT paying attention to his or her schedule. However, more specifically, try to when during the day your baby tends to be happiest or most laid back. Some babies tend to smile most after a nap, for example, and it’s important to take advantage of these times during the day if you’re looking for the easiest path to great photos.

3. Find Comfortable Baby Clothes
You’re probably already trying to keep your baby comfortable at all times, but some parents have a tendency to dress their kids up a bit too much trying to take cute photos. The fact is, babies can look cute in just about anything, and overdressing them can make them uncomfortable, and less likely to take happy or pleasant photos!

Photoshoot by
4. Capture Candid Moments
Every parent wants those photo album gems featuring perfect poses and family photos. However, don’t forget about capturing the candid moments in your baby’s early life! Often, these make for the cutest and best photos, and they involve a great deal less work. You’ll always appreciate photos that remind you of how your baby used to act, rather than how you dressed them up one day.

5. Remember You Can Edit!
Finally, don’t focus too much on perfection! Odds are in some of your best photos your baby will have a bit of spit on his or her chin, or that he or she will stain an outfit before you get a great picture. This is why there are limitless photo editing softwares and programs! You can always edit out little imperfections and turn the average photo into a perfect one.

This is a guest post by Eliza Turner. Eliza lives in Northern England with her husband, two girls and cocker spaniel. She is a frequent contributor to photography, design, and lifestyle blogs.

The photographs are of a little boy called Arthur and were taken by me, Charlie Pritchard-Williams of, based in Somerset, near to Glastonbury, Street, Shepton Mallet Frome & Bruton.