It’s all in the details.

I have just written my first blog post in conjunction with the Keepsake Company which is owned and run by Victoria Casebourne, it’s all about photographing all those special individual things that make your child unique to you.

Our children are surely our most precious keepsakes after all we housed them for 9 months in our bellies and then it was really hard getting them out wasn’t it? So it’s unsurprising that we feel quite attached to them. I’m sure most of you have taken quite a few photographs of your little darlings, I’m sure quite a few of you have taken thousands, which is wonderful, it’s lovely looking back on those tiny toes and cute button noses, but have you thought of documenting all those special individual things that make your child unique to you?

Tiny toes, photographed by Somerset photographer - Charlie at Charlotte Photography (more…)

It was world book day today

It was world book day today, and all the school children all over the country (perhaps the world) dressed up as their favourite character from a book. Well that’s the theory, i’m sure lots of children were persuaded into strange costumes by parents this morning.  Iris wanted to go as Hermione Granger for ages and then thankfully (because frankly i wasn’t that keen on making a Hogwarts robe) she changed her mind to George Kirrin from the Famous Five, which was much easier.GeorgeKirrin

Daisy made her own costume and no she’s not Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, she’s Pippi Longstocking and Mr Nilsson, the monkey is in the basket.PippiLongStocking