Snow, snow and more snow

Since Friday we have mostly been enjoying the snow here in Somerset
I say mostly because as long as you are upright and not falling on your bum then the snow is fine, but as soon as you do slip over then the snow is most definitely not fine.
Having said that, sledging down steep hills in Spargrove is a whole lot of fun, and old fashioned wooden sledges are much better than cheap plastic models.

Two girls building a snowman in snow. (more…)

Before and After – Fairies

I thought i’d show a before and after shot.
Ruby (the little girl in question) loves those flower fairy books and during a calendar shoot (more on that in a later post) she decided that she would like her photo taken with all her books on my mushroom.
I then added in some wings and a forest.

I love fairies.


shot by Charlie at

Keep it in the family

At last i’ve managed to get a couple of these photographs up of this father and son.
I’ve been wanting to for ages but just hadn’t been able to get around to it and now i have, that makes me feel all warm and fluffy.

This is Ian and one of his sons David in their uniforms, Ian thought this might be the last chance he had to officially wear his uniform so thought it would be a nice idea to capture it on camera, obviously i agreed.

Carlton_03 (more…)

A winter walk

We went for a little winter walk with some friends and it actually didn’t rain! So i was able to get my camera out and shoot some fun photos.

They thought it was fun to all bunch up together
A photoshoot in Spargrove, near Glastonbury, Somerset (more…)